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Is Your Logo Hardcore?

Chris Dickman Fri, 04/04/2014 - 14:03

Apparently not if it winds up in the collection of logos on Ean MacKaye's Tumblr blog, which is dedicated to tracking down designs in what is inexplicably dubbed the "hipster" style. This design meme showed up a few years ago, at which point MacKaye began his relentless task to track down what I assume he views as lame examples of this formulaic approach to design. Why hipster? Hard to say. The design style was originally employed in an attempt to create a brand identity anchored within an honorable tradition. A business employing such design elements as vintage display fonts, decorative embellishments, lines, arrows, badges, emblems, symbols and the classic X motif, was clearly trying to create a mood that connected with words such as hand-made, simple, trustworthy, quality, tradition, local. Nothing Chinese here!

Such products and services were positioned as somehow being outside mass-produced consumer culture. While these early efforts probably had some success, due to the design style's novelty, as the years go by and an ever-wider number and type of firm employs this branding approach, the impact is becoming diluted. In any case, hats off to MacKaye for a focus on chronicling logos that employ the now-tired X motif. Our pick is below, with many more displayed on the Your Logo Is Not Hardcore blog.

ROK espresso maker

Mamie Boude

The Kings of Summer creative agency

Mixson Bath & Racquet Club

Alan Coria brand studio

12HRS travel guides

Fitter, Faster & Stronger

Terroir & Burger restaurant

Farm to Bottle beer

Santa Maria food blog

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