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When Space Agency Logos Collide

Chris Dickman Wed, 04/02/2014 - 20:20

We're all familiar with NASA, the American space agency. And if we stop to think about it, it makes sense that there are similar agencies for other major world powers, such as Russia or China. But Venezuela, Belgium or Belarus? It seems that an ever-growing number of countries want to have a presence in space, so not surprisingly North Korea, ever eager to demonstrate its technological prowess, is amongst them. Unfortunately its program is notable so far only by its failures but that hasn't stopped the poor and inward-looking country from releasing a new logo for its National Aerospace Development Administration (NADA) agency. Shown above, it certainly seems to have taken a few design tips from its NASA counterpart. In the spirit of fair play we've included logos from a number of other agencies, none of which are candidates for a design award. Last month we identified church logos as a category desperately in need of some fresh thinking, to which we now add those of space agencies. Maybe Milton Glazer could lend a hand?

Canadian Space Agency

European Space Agency

Romanian Space Agency

Central American Association for Aeronautics and Space

Mexican Space Agency

Russian Federal Space Agency

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

State Space Agency of Ukraine

Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy

Bolivarian Agency for Space Activities (Venezuela)

UK Space Agency

China National Space Administration

German Aerospace Center

Indian Space Research Organisation

National Institute of Aerospace Technology (Spain)

French National Center of Space Research

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