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The Top 25 Cosmetic Brand Logos

Chris Dickman Thu, 04/24/2014 - 11:06

Ranking brands is all the rage these days and the site recently contributed to the frenzy by listing its top cosmetic brands for 2014. We thought it might be interesting to round up the logos for the top 25 of these, which you'll find below, wih L'Oreal leading the pack. We'd like to say you'll find some daring, innovative work amongst them but alas that isn't the case. The norm would seem to be quite the contrary, consisting of a decidedly retro, pseudo-classy typographical treatment, with sometimes a geographical reference, such as Paris, New York or Sweden, to make us believe that these products aren't in fact sourced from far-distant shores. It's pretty much a branding wasteland, which is just waiting to be shaken up by a feisty newcomer with attitude and a sense of design.

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