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TEDxEkaterinburg Conference Identity

admin Fri, 09/07/2012 - 00:08

TEDx are independently organized events held in various cities under TED license (Technology, Entertainment, Design). The main value and point of TED philosophy is freedom of access to knowledge and “ideas worth spreading”. That is the foundation of interactive identity of TEDxEkaterinburg conference oriented primarily to the community organizing the event. We have fused in this identity several key messages of TEDx: flexible event format, “realm of ideas”, a place for broadcasting of any new points and for attracting attention to unique ideas. All these three components are visualized in an open system of identification, with its basic visual element as a chaotic at first sight swarm of symbols whirling around the center X like moths. This swarm lives its own life, but is it affected by the person who interacts with the identity – simple software installed on a computer allows to change direction and type of participles movement and its arrangement, and also to capture the resulting images for further usage in printed or digital design of elements of business communication (letterheads, business cards, envelopes etc.)

Agency: StreetArt
Creative Director Eugene Fateev
Art diretor Andrey Kolokolov
Designer Nikita Kolmogorov
Producer Dmitry Chabanov
Programmer Vyacheslav Syvoplyas

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