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Sweet! The Billy Bee Logo Gets Refreshed

Chris Dickman Tue, 02/05/2013 - 08:33

There was a time when brand mascots — characters chosen to embody the values of a product or service — were commonplace. But these days they're an endangered species, with most of them, such as Mr. Clean or The Jolly Green Giant, going back many decades. One of the areas where they remain popular is food products and more specifically, food products for kids. Tony the Tiger, Mr. Koolaid, Ronald McDonald, the list goes on.

One you may not have encountered is Billy Bee, the brand mascot for Billy Bee Honey. Clover honey, after all, is a commodity, so if the objective is to generate brand awareness amongst the younger set, a character makes sense. Billy Bee Honey has apparently been around for 55 years in Canada, so the approach seems to be working. But as with most aging brand mascots, owner McCormick Canada recently felt a tweaking was in order. According to product manager Kristen Heleniak, "The clean, crisp, fresh new look includes an updated logo with arms added to Billy Bee to give him even more personality." Keep in mind, this is Canada.

Compare the treatments below. Beyond the addition of arms and a much-improved typographic treatment, can you spot five other changes?


stocksbee's picture

1) Gradient
2) wings placement
3) foot modified
4) asterisk position
5) layout change

Chris Dickman's picture

The new one is on the left and is fully armed. No hands, howewer.

rogerpaul's picture

New one is armless and that is the only difference between both of them.

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