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Suggested logos for Canada's 150th birthday

admin Sun, 12/08/2013 - 00:40

The federal government of Canada has focus groups run on "visual identity" for Canada's 150th anniversary. The Department of Canadian Heritage says Canadians want a symbol that reflects pride, celebration, unity, youth and multiculturalism to brand the country’s upcoming birthday.

Here are the results of the focus group so far:

This one was praised for its modern, clean design, but some didn't like the logo's colour because they thought it symbolized the U.S. They also thought it looked a bit too much like a hockey puck.

Many people felt the shield symbolized strength, security and pride. Others thought it implied aggression and militarism.

This simple red and white maple leaf got thumbs up for being clearly identifiable as Canadian, and for hitting on nostalgia for hockey's 1972 Team Canada. But it was also criticized for being bland and not very modern.

These were praised for capturing a mood of celebration, but some didn't like the design because it reminded them of Disneyland or Canada's Wonderland.

Some like the fact that the maple leaves represent the 13 provinces and territories and symbolize unity. But others found them too old-fashioned, bland and cluttered.

You can vote on this public poll for the one you dislike the most (I don't think many people would actually like any of these). So far History is in the lead with the shield being a close second.

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