With great regret, we would like to inform you that the decision has been made to close down StockLogos.com as of January 31, 2018. Read more

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StockLogos Shutting Down

admin Wed, 01/10/2018 - 13:07

Dear Designers / Clients,

With great regret, we would like to inform you that the decision has been made to close down StockLogos.com as of January 31, 2018.

We made a decision to focus our efforts elsewhere.

When do you stop new registrations on SL?
January 10, 2018.

When do you stop clients from buying logos on SL?
January 10, 2018.

How long will SL be open for designers to download their work?
January 31, 2018.

I have pending payments. Will I be paid?
Absolutely yes. Make sure your payment details are up-to-date. We intend to complete all payments by February 28, 2018.

Can I buy StockLogos or the domain?
No, neither the site or the domain is for sale.

Will you restart SL?
Not likely, but we may.

I have more questions!
For all concerns and questions, please reach out to contact@stocklogos.com until January 31, 2018.

Thank you for your support and business over the years!

Stock Logos Team


eclipse42's picture

Oh common, why is that ? I finally started having nice income from stocklogos. I guess there is no option to postpone till 2019 or something. The sales are going nice, 1-2 logos a day almost.

Is there really no option for You to change Your mind ?

Stocklogos Admin's picture

We wish there was but sadly this is going to happen.

mx-logo's picture

This is unfortunate, but I'm guessing keeping it running wasn't profitable for the company.. & SL being based in NYC, no less :i Oh well, thanks for everything, Stocklogos.

admin's picture

Thanks to you too!

liberty girl's picture

Wow, shocking news!!! Thanks for everything Ivan, and best of luck with your future endeavors!

admin's picture

Thank you! Sorry!

Rossini's picture

oh, what a pity that. The big mistake of (stocklogos) for me was to update those rules at the end of 2014, great designers left the website, and I'm sure that was a shot at the foot of the company. Anyway, I liked this place, it's a great loss anyway, success for you.

admin's picture

Thanks! Indeed. It's painful.

Rossini's picture

Ivan, the best for you, stockslogos and a great website and idea of project.

Hiacynta's picture

Sad news, it was a great place for many designers, but as said Rossini, after updating rules something went wrong.
Anyway it was a great time here!

LogoGround's picture

Sad to see you go, StockLogos. My compliments on the way the site was run over the years and all the best with your future endeavors.

admin's picture

Thanks for your kind comment and email.

stocksbee's picture

Feeling sad by knowing this. But anyway. Thanks to you all and best of luck with your future plans!

admin's picture

Thank you!

nyarufa's picture

Not surprised and i expected this 2 - 3 years back. the way you guys were rejecting logos i thought this will happen someday. i know my comment here can make you angry and sad but this is the bitter truth!

anyway i used to love this place alot and sad to see this is coming to an end. hope you have better ideas for your future projects!

Good Luck SL TEAM!

admin's picture

Thanks nyarufa. I wish it wasn't happening.

MSG's picture

I'm sad too in this situation. But I completely agree with nyarufa. I have also brought up this issue several time about rejecting logo at unexplained reasons [edit: all rejections always have a clear explanation]. It all about [edited for ad hominem]. I'm sad about Ivan. You could have run the business alone as usual with your web developer friend. If so the SL is still functioning well. Back then we few people here at SL and we gained a lot. I have been a member of SL since 2010. I have sold more than 40 logos as a part time designer at SL.
Anyway good luck and try to be in the business.

Black Jack Manchester's picture

Just when I had found a comfortable place to promote my work independently. I had already made my first sale on January 6. This is sad, we'll have to keep going, anyway thanks for the opportunity

admin's picture

One day we will work together again. Good luck finding a new comfy place!

S H A D's picture

This is tooo much sad news for me in 2018..
My journey with stocklogos from 2013...
i wish this would not happening... but i will miss stocklogos.

Thanks you so much stocklogos you give me alot in the past years.
i wish one day we will work together again.

Shadman Karim

Stocklogos Admin's picture

On behalf of my predecessor I would like to clarify that no new rules were added in 2014. The regular rules were just clarified and enforced more than in previous years.

liberty girl's picture

This is certainly a sad day for all of us and has nothing to do with any rule changes or enforcement of existing rules. Time to let that topic go and move on

mx-logo's picture

Agreed.. I also wish you the best of luck with any future plans, Ivan & MediaBistro.

Wondering if admin will allow us to discuss alternatives to Stocklogos here in the forums? Would also love to stay in touch with some fellow designers from here, not sure they've been getting notifications or are even aware SL is closing..

Stocklogos Admin's picture

Sorry, I'm afraid not. Only because someone already tried and they recommended two of the worst, most disreputable logo sites out there. The real designers will find the real reputable alternatives on their own.

mx-logo's picture

Understandable, I do hope we end up uploading our works in the more reputable sites.. I have a few more questions but I think I will send an email for that

imafria's picture

So, what about a payment that I have pending for two weeks?

Stocklogos Admin's picture

Your logo will be paid in full our next payment cycle. Please see https://stocklogos.com/sell for the payment timeframe for first logos sold.

SimplePixel's picture

When i opened the website i felt like i received a brick in my face. I've been sad all day and it was hard to write here a goodbye. This website was like a home, good or bad, easy or tough, i had fun designing and in these few years, i grew in my skills more here than anywhere else, and i will forever be grateful to what this website gave me. Stocklogos certainly changed my life in every way, in the way i worked or the way i designed. No matter how small or big, i do think that it had an impact in all of our lives, if you have been here for sometime or at least a couple of months. We all saw or met great talents and great logos here and i am proud that i was part of the Stocklogos community. I will salute all the great designers out there that have put their effort to grow this website where it was, and may we do this again in the next alternative/s to this place. THANK YOU Ivan for making everything possible and to the Stocklogos staff. Hopefully one day we will meet all again on the same website. Wish you all the best, HAVE FUN WHEN YOU DESIGN!

SimplePixel's picture

Best of luck to you too LG. Hope to see more of your beautiful logos in other places too!! ^^

liberty girl's picture

I already see you on another site : )

SimplePixel's picture

Well hopefully you will join too :)

Lavrin UKR's picture

SimplePixel, many thanks for your words!
I feel the same thoughts coming from the bottom of my designer heart.

SimplePixel's picture

:) I'm happy that there are people that feel the same way ^^

irinuca's picture

Thanks for everything, Stocklogos!

wadheanand's picture

Ohhh so sad to hear this... All the best for the future plans.
But how come such a big decision. SL is one of the most reputed place for buyers and for the designers.

So do we have to delete all the art works uploaded here, or it will get deleted by admin automatically.

Stocklogos Admin's picture

Thanks Wadheanand!

You should download any logo files you don't have.

I believe Ivan is planning on keeping a copy of the logo database for future availability to past clients and designers. Designers can delete their logos if they wish but it isn't necessary. Sold logos can not be deleted.

Stocklogos Admin

Umuarus's picture

Very sorry. I wish you good luck in your new endeavors.

nyarufa's picture

Unable to delete store logos. the logos doesn't get deleted

Stocklogos Admin's picture

Thank you, I will inform IT of this issue on Monday.

Rossini's picture

really, it's not possible to delete logos, so please, sort this out. Thanks!

Stocklogos Admin's picture

The delete option is now available again. Any designers wishing to delete their logos may now do so. Thank you.

stocksbee's picture

If a designer upload all logos from here on other sites and some of them got sold in a few days. In the mean time, if in case, you plan to start SL in new form, by keeping those undeleted logos by designers as it is. In this situation, it means that, designer upload the logos which are already sold before and through other sites. Have you thought about this possibility before saying that deleting logos isn't necessary for designers.

Stocklogos Admin's picture

There are no plans to restart the site so this really isn't an issue.

Une_fille's picture

If the site turned unprofitable, is it possible to add some new options to renew it? For example, to add a tender/contest option for the clients could choose a better logo, to make it possible to sell prints/cards/ photos? A great work has been done to make such a platform and to promote it, it seems weird when having such a big client and designer base just to give up and close down. Sorry for my English.

Stocklogos Admin's picture

Thanks Une_fille. We wish it weren't happening too.

Crumbit's picture

Haven't been much active here lately, but I'm sad to hear the news nonetheless. Thank you Ivan and SL for the opportunity to be a part of this. Wish you all the best!

OLD BOY's picture

I am very sad to hear this news. I did not agree with some of your previous rules and decisions, but that can never change the fact that I became better designer with your help. Thank you for that and for couple of creative years. Hope you will be happy on your future projects. Wish you all the best.

Victor C's picture

Very sad to hear such news, with SL my design journey begins, here all started for me and I'm very gratefull for this.
Thanks you StockLogos for this opportunity and all the best in the future projects.

P.S. Also wishing all the best and a lot of sold logos to all the designers that taked part so this site to become who he is!

Lavrin UKR's picture

Oh my..!
I'll try to be brief, but how can I..? The news is like a tornado spinning through my mind. This is more than just the shutting down of the site, it's a closure of a part of me, of my past creative process.

As I see in comments, for lots of us, StockLogos was really an OLD SCHOOL in logo creation with its traditions and standards. A place not only to sell logos but to learn and become better graphic designer as well. To be honest, after SL inspectors I felt much stronger and confident in the graphic world elsewhere. Thank you!

It's not a happy moment for all of us, however, I think we shouldn't be sad, we have to accept it, get reborn and rebuild ourselves with it.
Moreover, I'm sure that this huge creative energy, experience and expertise made on this site over the years will never be lost.

I wasn't a top designer of the site, but now I feel like..) a StockLogos veteran:D
Things are changing, still the logo battle is on and will be on! And this is good news))

StockLogos team and designer community, THANK YOU ALL for being here!!!

Lavrin UKR

MRM1's picture

I m sad too like all designers here, stocklogos is the best, I hope one day stocklogos will open, who know, really thankyou very much for evrything you gave me, when I be sad I cant say exact what I feel, SimplePixel said exact what I feel: When i opened the website i felt like i received a brick in my face. I've been sad all day and...
Thankyou stocklogos and admin, I hope good luck

liberty girl's picture

It’s funny, this site is a handful of days away from being gone forever and some designers are still crying over the rules.

Lavrin UKR's picture

It's not funny, it's bitterly disappointing.. Perhaps they 'cry over the rules' as the main reason why the site goes down, I don't know. But I think the problem is more comlex than just strict rules. Anyway, we can't turn back the time.

JunkfoodDesign's picture

Been here since 2010 and learned so much.. Some contests won.. I'm really sad that it's over and I want to thank the whole Team espacially Ivan.

You made so much possible for me. Thank you all.

Good night and good luck

eclipse42's picture

Hello Stocklogos, when is Your next payment cycle for this month, I know it usually is at the half of the month and then at the end of the month. I sold a logo on 6th January but didn't received payment on the half of this month. Did You leave all payments till the end of the month or is there some issue with my account. I head problems last month, so I am asking because I don't want some issue to appear. I've sent You a message trough e-mail but didn't get any respond. Thank You.

Stocklogos Admin's picture

Another change with the new year is a new person in charge of finance and logo payments. Please be patient. The logo payment process was started on Friday and should be finished in the coming week.

All vendor profiles will be reviewed and all logos that can be paid will be paid at this time.

Thank you,
Stocklogos Admin

stocksbee's picture

Hi Admin,
I sold a logo on 01/09/2018. Hope I am on the payment list. :) ! !

spotrebor's picture

Can we still buy logos before you close? I'm really interested in one. Is there a way to contact the designer?

MSG's picture

Hi, This is my store: https://stocklogos.com/user/2675/store
If you are interested on my works, feel free to contact me on nuwan.logos and email will be G mail. (nuwan.logos (@)gmail . com)
Thank you

eclipse42's picture

@spotrebor Maybe You could write designers name because some designers are selling same logo on other stores as well. If You write designer name / username maybe designer could see it or some of us could contact designer if we happen to know him / her. Or You can write a comment under the logo for designer to see.

MRM1's picture

Thankyou stocklogos

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