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Starbucks rebranding

admin Sat, 01/08/2011 - 05:30

You must have seen this, it's everywhere. What's your take? Better?

Interesting fact. In part of Saudi the breasts of the Siren were too much, they used a modified logo:

A guy named Felipe Torres made this for fun:


Gatis Ignāts's picture

Haha, the prognoses about 2041 is funny. The logo is very good I think, refreshes identity

Inspire's picture

Sounds like a very expensive makeover that I'm not sure is needed.
Imagine the cost of changing signage alone for all it's domestic retail stores.
Maybe switching from 2 color to 1 color will generate increased cost savings. Ha.

jaxonart's picture

well they certainly need to save money.... geez. I drink 'cathybucks' at home brew... :)

ied's picture

Saudi Starbucks looks great

Arobins24's picture

no pun intended with that MJ song right haha

Andre's picture

cleaning from words - nice refresh) symbol = icon

Slabrick's picture

Not bad,but 2041 logo looks better to me :-)

Sergem's picture

Or they can just improve the mermaid illustration.

Shanavas's picture

I drink homemade tea... so I dont care about Starbucks..... lol :D

user-2770's picture

I'm with you on this shanavas! Green and white tea for me!

Just Me's picture

Its first time I hear (or see) of starbucks. I like the the 1987 logo. its really good.

Graphics Afoot Studio Design's picture

I love Mocha Frappuccino, but I never liked their logo even though it’s memorable. :-) I don’t understand why they used a mermaid. LOL

Arobins24's picture

cause theyre based in seattle and by the ocean and they couldnt use the compass because the seattle mariners have that so i guess thats why they went with the mermaid

spicy's picture

For the Australian community I think they still need the wording. I also think it is a little on the complex side to be a very memorable icon, especially when you compare it to McDonald's, Nike or Apple. The name is memorable enough though.

kokojam's picture

dropping the type wont work all the time. they will have problems with conservative muslims especially those in the middle east.

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