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Square, Circle, Triangle: the Fiat Chrysler Automobile Logo

Chris Dickman Wed, 02/05/2014 - 08:06

Chrysler and Fiat recently merged and, as you might imagine, a logo to represent this new business entity has now been unveiled. It should be emphasized that the logo will be used only for the company, with the Fiat and Chrysler marques retaining their current logos. So while the new logo would look out of place on a car, its creator, Milan branding advisory and strategic design firm Robilant & Associati, sees the logo starting "with the definition of a distinctive strategic concept providing the basis for a study of name, brand, house style and entire Corporate Identity, marked by an expressive force and evocative power underscored by its essential, universal forms."

The firm goes on to say that, "The decision to use the single letters also has its motivations: The letter F, generated by the square symbol of concreteness and solidity; the C, born of a circle, the archetype of the wheel and suggestion of movement, harmony and continuity; and finally the letter A, derived from the triangle, indicating energy and constant evolutionary impetus. The brand as designed offers an extraordinary variety of interpretations as regards the visual image. It generates an agile, modern language, able to change constantly yet without ever losing its the value of its identity."

That all seems a bit thin but it's hard to judge the logo's effectiveness until we see the square, circle and triangle in use.

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