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The Secret Power of Brands

Chris Dickman Mon, 02/24/2014 - 07:54

What is it about the nature of branding that we find so mysterious? Is what Apple, Samsung, Google and other top global brands do to retain their value so arcane that it can't be replicated by mere mortals? Or are the principles and practices that have elevated such brands to mythic status available to us all? Last week we brought your attention to Branding Rules: 14 Brand Secrets From Industry Experts, which lifted the branding veil to some extent. In fact, this intrigued me enough that I'm now enrolled in an online course with the promising title of The Secret Power of Brands.

It's part of the roster of free courses provided by FutureLearn, delivered one step at a time via mobile, tablet or desktop. The branding course, which starts this week, will span a month and a half, and consists of videos, audio and articles, accompanied by quizzes and discussion with other participants and the course leader. What adds sizzle is that the course is led by Robert Jones, who is a strategist at the London-based brand consultancy Wolff Olins, so I'm looking forward to inside info on some of its famous (infamous?) campaigns.

The course description says in part that, "You’ll learn directly from practitioners at companies like Virgin and Google, and watch brand experts in action. You’ll get a rich mixture of powerful theory and practical tools. With branding changing so rapidly, you’ll get the very latest insights and methods from the converging worlds of technology, design and brand." Sound promising? More information and registration is available on the FutureLearn site. See you there!

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