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RushCard and Russell Simmons introduce cutting edge prepaid Visa RushCard designs

admin Thu, 02/27/2014 - 17:49

Collection of seven newly designed cards includes two cards created by fashion designer and style icon Kimora Lee Simmons. Winner of 2014 Paybefore Award for "Best Dressed" Category for Innovative Design.

RushCard, the Prepaid Visa Rushcard co-founded by Russell Simmons, today announced the launch of seven newly designed cards, including two cards created by fashion and style icon Kimora Lee Simmons. Building on the brand's unique customer relationships and loyalty, the new designs were chosen based on direct customer feedback. They provide unique and appealing options for customers and represent the first card redesign in more than ten years. They are available to all first-time customers and existing cardholders upon request.

The newly launched card portfolio includes: Gloss RushCard, 24K RushCard, Midnight RushCard, Carbon RushCard, Edge RushCard as well as Sequin KLS RushCard and Suede KLS RushCard. For the first time, RushCard has produced two vertical cards, both with color core edges (red and black). Moreover, all of the cards use pearl overlays and thermal printing for personalization.

Although the designs are new, industry response has already been favorable; with RushCard winning for design and style in the 2014 Paybefore Awards.

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