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The redesign of the MailChimp logo

admin Fri, 06/21/2013 - 13:41

Jessica Hisch redesigned the MailChimp logo. Here is how she describes the design process:

When Ron from Mail Chimp contacted me about helping them out on a logo revise I was totally tickled pink. Mail Chimp has been a wonderful supporter of the design community and I’ve been a happy user of their service for years. They didn’t want to do a massive overhaul, they just wanted to give their current mark a facelift—one of those classy facelifts that make your friends ask you if you’ve been sleeping better lately or lost some weight because you look like a more vivacious version of yourself and not like a different person. Overall the weight was lightened, the vector drawing improved, and letterforms were revised for legibility, especially at small sizes. The end result is something new and fresh, more refined but just as playful.


Crumbit's picture

A noticeable improvement.

Pablo Herrera's picture

Very fine and really nicely and well done job!

Bill1110's picture

Sometimes newer is not better. This new Mail Chimp now looks like Mail Chinys. Did no one see this? The old version at least read better as Mail Chimp.

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