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Rebranding the Importance of Food and Water

Chris Dickman Wed, 12/07/2016 - 17:55

Founded in 1979 by a group of French doctors, scientists and writers, Action Against Hunger is one of those non-profits without which the world would be in significantly worse condition. Its worthy mandate is to reduce child malnutrition, whether in the short term by providing immediate relief or through initiatives that lead to sustainable improvements in access to water and food creation. As you might guess, its field staff of more than 6,000 are kept busy within the 45 countries it serves, to the point that more than 15 million people benefited from its work in 2015.

While its track record has been impeccable, the group's varied activities on so many fronts has lead over the years to a lack of brand clarity. In some countries it was represented by ACF, the letters from its French name, Action Contre la Faim, while it was known as Action Against Hunger, and was represented by a different graphic identity, in the United States. This resulted in a confusion common to many such organizations.

When UK branding and identity firm johnson banks was brought in for a rebranding, it began with a visual audit that revealed the extent of the inconsistencies and incoherence, as shown below. The original logo was composed of two identically-shaped, reflected elements, with the upper representing food and the lower symbolizing water. The new logo simplifies this by using two distinct shapes in colors similar to the original logo, as shown above.

The rebranding also retained the concise Action Against Hunger brand statement, expressed in local languages, while extending it to include related for/against statements, such as For Clean Water/Against Killer Diseases. The end result is a simplified brand architecture that more clearly expresses the objectives of the organization and is coherent across cultures.

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