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RadioShack Simplifies Logo to Refresh Brand

Chris Dickman Wed, 07/03/2013 - 08:12

Of course the logo above is most definitely not the new logo — it's the funky one an entire generation of electronics enthusiasts, tinkerers and early personal computer hobbyists grew up with. Personally, I think it still exudes a certain retro charm. But after a good run it was finally spiked in favor of a rather tepid replacement some years ago, as the global chain of more than 5,000 stores began its move away from selling inexpensive, hard-to-find electronics gear that was actually useful to expensive, easy-to-find consumer electronics that we could all live without. The trend continues, with the new logo tied to a store concept that "aims to attract tech-hungry shoppers who will find a new level of products, service and excitement in a store that makes the buying experience fun." Oh boy, I can't wait to be excited and have fun feeding my tech hunger while shopping for a phone.

The redesigned logo is admittedly an improvement and can be seen below deployed in the first of the new stores, which you can visit in Manhattan, if you're curious. Just don't try to buy a soldering iron, that really annoys the staff.

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