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The Puzzling Illustrations of Erik Johansson

Chris Dickman Sun, 04/28/2013 - 10:27

Impossible to have overlooked the complex, often paradoxical, montages of Berlin-based Erik Johansson, who describes himself as a photographer and retouch artist. What caught my eye was a video showing the process of creating Cut & Fold, shown above. The clip below, which provides a selection of the 15 hours devoted to its creation in Photoshop (131 layers!), is displayed at 80 times normal speed. For good measure I've added a few of my favorites, at least a few of which you'll no doubt be familiar with. It's worth mentioning that prints of many of these are available for purchase. All illustrations are of course copyright Erik Johansson.

Expecting winter

Set them free

End of Line

Cutting light

Snow cover

Electric guitar


Aqua Custodia

Arms break, vases don’t

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