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The photographic collages of Eric Almas

Chris Dickman Mon, 10/07/2013 - 08:29

With clients like American Airlines, Absolut, Toyota, Microsoft and Nike, it's unlikely that you haven't seen at least one ad using a photo taken by Norwegian-born Eric Almas, who for the last 13 years has been based in San Francisco. While he employs a wide variety of styles, his most striking images combine location shoots, studio work and post-processing, tied together with a collage approach that's often coupled with a crisp, hyper-realistic look.

Not surprisingly, Almas' site provides many examples of his work but what's unusual is a collection of videos that show how elements of many of these images were shot. The first three images below are from the first clip, which documents their creation, followed by another clip covering the creation of an image for Toyota relating to nature conservation. Below that I've added some personal favorites from the site.

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