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PayPal introduces new Logo and Campaign

admin Thu, 05/01/2014 - 17:42

PayPal yesterday launched a new logo and brand campaign. The new brand looks fresher and more modern, but it doesn't depart from the original logo too much to make it unfamiliar for their existing customers.

PayPal traditionally was one of the most innovative payment companies disrupting old paradigms in the financial sector. Nowadays crypto currencies like Bitcoin and mobile payment technologies like Beacon introduced by Apple are started challenging PayPal's space. It is a good time for PayPal to show their commitment not to stop innovating in both actions and in their image.

The new identity has been showcased on the new website home page and new iPhone app. The new mobile app includes a store finder that allows you to locate merchants around your location that accept PayPal payments. Yes, that's a thing now.

Here is how PayPal introduces their new brand:

For the first time PayPal is unveiling a global brand platform and campaign. Powering The People Economy is a celebration of who we are. It’s populist, inclusive, empowering – inspiring action and inviting people of all stripes to join in. It celebrates the moments that make our life just that little bit simpler and more magical. But more than that, it’s an expression of what we stand for as a brand and what we want for the world as a whole. No matter if you are a merchant or a developer, a consumer or an employee.

Our campaign will appear across all paid, shared, earned and owned channels -- wherever in the world people see it. The characters we feature are people just like you and me: happy, proud, busy in their lives and looking for ways to make it more frictionless. They are people with positive energy who believe in actively making the world work better for them. Our illustrative style is fresh, modern and human. Our type treatment has a hand-drawn feel that makes it friendly and populist.

Read further on PayPal's blog.

Watch the new brand videos too.

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