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The past and the future of famous logos

admin Tue, 11/27/2012 - 10:13

We review the history and imagine how Apple and other famous logos will look like in the future.
Update: I added 6 more predictions. Hope you like them!

KFC turns to KFB (Kentucky Fried Broccoli)


Shell will switch from fossil to solar energy


Internet Explorer


past and future logos ibm

past and future logos xerox

past and future logos microsoft
Microsoft. I made this image before the latest MS logo redesign. I almost predicted the new logo.

past and future logos LG

past and future logos VW

past and future logos starbucks
Starbucks by Felipe Torres

past and future logos google

past and future logos GAP

past and future logos nokia

past and future logos firefox

past and future logos motorola


Just Me's picture

LMFAO!!!!! Gap logos (it seems that they can't decide what they want :P :P ) !! expecially with the firefox logo 2012 - is this star suppose to mean something? ;)
(end of the world maby? 2012 ) :P :P :P :P

aadi_kill's picture

firefox ....all water ...hahahaha ....

Phunkmonster's picture

I completely missed that one... brilliant!

ChristianHunter's picture

LOL! Great catch aadi! I totally missed that one!

Now I can't believe that the Volkswagen logo (which Hitler had a heavy hand in popularizing as "car of the people" roughly translated) of 1939 is correct....or is it? I mean, you remove the inner two rungs or "blades" of the "F"-like fans protruding from the axis (no pun...alright, yeah, pun intended) and you'd have a logo that looks wildly similar to the swastika?!?

I'm missing the joke aren't I?

Christian Hunter
Austin, Texas

chuang11's picture

lol Nokia Logo just disappears

DaveHowe's picture

Yeah. should have turned into the MS logo THEN disappeared :)

itsbritto's picture

nokia n moto logos re ROFL

alithejumbo's picture

I love the stories of Motorola, Nokia and Firefox :)))

bickov's picture

Not sure about the Apple logo :) GAP's future is the best :D Love it

flexus's picture


hfh's picture

This is a great collection of old and future logos- leaning towards the minimalistic. :) I didn't even know about the oldest apple logo. To see a similar post check out our blog critiquing the logos of 2012 presidential hopefuls: http://openbox9.com/2011/09/16/design-for-presidential-hopefuls/

admin's picture

Similar post about presidential nominee logos here: http://stocklogos.com/topic/2012-usa-presidential-candidate-logos

framedrop's picture

The Volksvagen looks a bit like my logo haha http://vincentwinberg.me/

babi's picture

I am still laughing!

stocksbee's picture

this is really a great fun. :D

ApplexDesign's picture

Apple 2042 = Sygic

domingom06's picture

I am still laughing at motorola...Great Job!

qetou's picture

hahaha I LOVE it!

Виталя's picture

Заебись! Четко!

SharonjTelles's picture

I didn't even know about the oldest apple logo. The firefox is also good. with RED.

ApplexDesign's picture

Microsoft Windows....... today......
Plagiarism? :D :D :D

atif's picture

Its good but how somebody predict future logo now

Snapden's picture

Kentucky Fried Broccoli and the last Pepsi cracked me up.

kiersa's picture

whomever is responsible for this post is brilliant! clever and funny, great work! I had to think about the Firefox logo for a second... :)

suomynonA's picture

The google logo doesnt flow. Why would they lose their world-renowned 4 colors, that they put onto EVERYTHING they own, for a cheap, mega-rounded logo? The rest are great though, really loved them, lol @ starbucks lady getting extremely close.

bshafe8's picture

OMG i like some of them but the ones with just a circle or square of color are not the most creative... :D

logosmans's picture

Such a very useful article. Very interesting to read this article.I would like to thank you for the efforts you had made for writing this awesome article

ryan tomlinson's picture

lol, this is great! I love the pepsi buckcrack logo Design. But they are all genius!

Gryphon's picture

Coca-cola and Shell are my favorite. And Starbucks! Great post!

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