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NHL team logos redesigned with Pokémon

admin Thu, 08/08/2013 - 13:04

National Hockey League team logos redesigned with Pokémon by benjamagnus. Via: Design Taxi.

Above logo shows Anaheim Mighty Psyducks.

Boston Bruins - Ursaring

Buffalo Sabres - Tauros

Calgary Flames - Rapidash

Carolina Ghastlycanes - Ghastly. Much anticipated sequel to Sharknado.

Chicago Brockhawks - Brock, Zubat, Chansey, Onix, Vulpix.

Colorado Avalanche - Beartic

Columbus Bluedrills - Beedrill

Dallas Starmies - Starmie

Detroit Red Wings - Pidgeotto

Nashville Predators - Raikou

New Jersey Devil Dogs - Houndoom

Philadelphia Flying Shadow - Shadow Lugia

The Glendale Arizona Mightyotes of Greater Phoenix - Mightyena

Pittsburgh Empoleons - Empoleon

St. Louis Seadra - Seadra

Tampa Bay Lightning - Pikachu

Vancouver Kynucks - Kyogre

Washington Capitals - Braviary

Winnipeg Jets - Latios

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