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New Twitter blue bird icon

admin Thu, 06/07/2012 - 01:31

Twitter updated its icon. It is now simpler, younger and more dynamic. The blue bird's head has been shaven too.

If you want to update the icons on your website you can download the vector files here (also attached below):

Usage guidelines

• Use our official, unmodified Twitter bird to represent our • brand.
• Make sure the bird faces right.
• Allow for at least 150% buffer space around the bird.

• Use speech bubbles or words around the bird.
• Rotate or change the direction of the bird.
• Animate the bird.
• Duplicate the bird.
• Change the color of the bird.
• Use any other marks or logos to represent our brand.

File Positive507.08 KB
File Negative624.2 KB


admin's picture

More about it here:

Zillo's picture

I think the new twitter icon feels stronger, faster than the old icon that was soft and slow. looks the wing tilt and head-birds.

craftsman's picture

Grown up. Wings become stronger and putting gel on hair.

Curious Jack's picture

They changed it a bit but way better than the old one =)

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