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New Tigerair Logo Retains Vestigial Tiger Tail

Chris Dickman Wed, 07/10/2013 - 06:03

Budget airway Tigerair was founded in 2004 as Tiger Airways, with the goal of becoming the leading airline and travel partner connecting people across Asia Pacific. However, poor rankings in the recent World Airline Awards were a public display of the firm losing ground in the marketplace. The result was a recent emphasis on improving the customer experience, via such things as mobile and web check-ins, enhanced online reservation functionality, a new call center and simplified connecting flights. And of course, such initiatives require a fresh new corporate identity, don't they?

Gone is the clunky slanted type, clipart-style tiger and dated .com reference, to be replaced with a fat font with a hint of feline presence. Tigerair, as the company is now called, describes the new look thusly: "Our new logo is simplified to depict the personality of the new Tigerair brand — warm, passionate and genuine. The rounded fonts depict friendliness while the two dots, the first in grey and the second in orange, symbolises Tigerair's role in connecting our customers from one point to another. The different coloured dots also depict a friendly wink. The orange semi-circle acts as a subtle reference to a tiger's tail, as well as a smile, representative of the passion and commitment in everything we do."

I get the tail part and maybe even the smile but the dots and wink? Seems like a bit of a stretch.


PixelPuzzel's picture

smart rebranding..also the services improvement followed with..

davidtaron's picture

Much better than the old design but, for me, a bit confusing: I read at first "tiaerair"...
"subtle reference to a tiger's tail, as well as a smile" - well, I can relate to that, but it seems to me that the design of the logo is not finished..

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