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New Made In Britain Logo

admin Tue, 01/07/2014 - 11:09

A new, member-funded organisation has launched to promote and support manufacturing in the UK. The non-profit organisation will be run by a committee of Directors from UK-based manufacturers as well as leaders of other groups which support British trade and industry. Central to the campaign is the development of a new marque which companies can apply to use to highlight the provenance of their UK-made products.

The new logo, commissioned by the Made in Britain Campaign Directors, has been created by design and branding agency The Partners. Taking inspiration from the Union Flag, the new marque works as a directional device as well as a logo in its own right and has been designed to work across a range of media, materials and sizes to ensure it can be used by manufacturers of a wide range of products. It has also been designed to be localised by county or region.

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