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New Air Serbia logo and identity

admin Fri, 08/30/2013 - 22:58

The national airline of Serbia has a new name -- Air Serbia -- and a new corporate logo and colour scheme, as part of the largest transformation of its 86-year history. The change signals not only a rebranding of the former Jat Airways, but a whole new identity, affirming that Air Serbia will be a completely different airline. Driving the change is Etihad Airways, the national carrier of United Arab Emirates, which has secured regulatory approval to acquire 49 per cent of Air Serbia and been awarded a five year management contract. The rebranding ultimately will cover every part of the airline, from aircraft exteriors to cabin crew uniforms, ticket offices, boarding passes and advertising.

The new brand will take the Serbian name and its red, white and blue colour scheme from Belgrade to the world. A key figure in the rebranding of the national airline was 25-year-old graphic design student Tamara Maksimovic from the Serbian city of Novi Sad. At the end of her course, Tamara was required to develop a portfolio of branding designs for an organisation of her choice. "I wanted a big project, something with a lot of detail and a lot of applications," she explained. "It came to my mind to choose an airline. I chose Jat Airways." The airline discovered Tamara's portfolio on a graphic design website, and engaged her to design the new branding for Air Serbia.

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M D S's picture

My beloved country, my beloved city, Srbija, Beograd.
Logo was made by young designer Tamara Maksimović. The company has found her over internet. At first it was just a graduate work, but very quickly it all turned in project and the finally in company's logo. Motive for the logo dates back to the middle ages, from Serbian religious book Miroslavljevo jevandjelje written in the 12th century and from Serbian state emblem double headed eagle.
You can see one of the many links about this logo ( but use google translate if you want to learn more ) :) : http://www.24sata.rs/vesti/ekonomija/vest/tamara-maksimovic-jevandelje-m...

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