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New Microsoft Bing.com logo

admin Wed, 09/18/2013 - 11:57

Microsoft announced the a redesigned bing.com logo and website. This is what they write about the new logo on their blog post:

"With principles and frameworks in hand, we looked at the art. We revisited the current logo and diagnosed what wasn’t working. We looked at the new Microsoft identity and we did hundreds of studies to look at motion, font, color, size and form. We built out mock ads, localized product examples for China and fictitious billboards to see what was working. From simple evolutions to ridiculous explorations, we learned something in each one.

In the end, our new logo was created to be simple, real and direct...

The Microsoft design principles rely, in part, on grid layouts. Often called Swiss or International style, this grid layout system has roots in mapping coordinates and provides a balanced and consistent approach to design. When we place the new Bing logo on a simple grid, it instantly aligns to the layout, offers consistent angles, sightlines and balance and the new mark instantly feels at home alongside all Microsoft products."

The new identity is not yet visible on bing.com, but it's used on Bing's Facebook page.

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molumen's picture

I like it, it integrates itself very well among other MS services.

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