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Major League Baseball Stadium Logos Reimagined

Chris Dickman Mon, 05/26/2014 - 04:00

One of the best way for designers to draw attention to their work is to create a series of illustrations, package designs or logos based on a speculative premise. For example, we recently showcased the package designs of Peddy Mergui, which explored "the dynamic and often blurred ethical boundaries of design within consumer culture." As such, the salami wrapped in a Louis Vuitton pattern was memorable. But such series don't require an ethical framework, with recent examples including NBA logos reimagined in terms of Pokémon characters or a redesign of the house emblems from Game of Thrones.

In fact, redesigns in the popular culture and sports categories seem by far to be the most popular, no doubt because they can generate the most social media traction, which is after all the whole idea. In this, designer Grant O’Dell would have seem to hit the proverbial ball out of the ballpark with his recent project of redesigning all 30 Major League Baseball stadium logos in a very "flat" style. That's right, stadiums have their own logos and this is in no small way part of their attraction to private interests, eager to get the word out about their products or services. Not that this makes fans particularly happy. As one Blue Jays follower succinctly put it, "Nobody with a soul refers to our park with the name that was bestowed upon it by our evil overlords (Rogers)."

We've included our favorites from O'Dell's series below, with the entire set available on imgur.

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