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Love over hate: How a logo helped rebuild a brand and build a home

admin Mon, 11/18/2013 - 23:20

The Wayside Chapel was in a similar predicament to the thousands of people it had helped. It was broke, in need of a new place to live and way to start over. Since then, UrsaClemenger has been instrumental in helping The Wayside Chapel make a miraculous financial turnaround.

The 'Love Over Hate' slogan and identity the agency developed for the The Wayside clearly defined its mission and helped to rebuild its social relevance in the eyes of Sydneysiders, Corporate sponsors and the Government. Capitalizing on The Waysside's newfound acceptance, the agency helped it develop a large, regular donator base through effective use of its website, print media, and a TV ad featuring a donated King Of Leon hit. The Wayside Chapel is now very far from being broke of homeless, having celebrated the completion of an $8 million renovation of its premises in mid 2013.

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