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Logos of our recent clients

admin Sat, 07/23/2011 - 13:36

It's always fun to see logos bought on StockLogos come alive with the real business names of clients. See a few of them here.

See this similar post about customised logos too.


Phunkmonster's picture

Looking good Ivan :)

Some of mine sold on here and in use:

admin's picture

Feel good to see them in the wild, doesn't it? :)

Phunkmonster's picture

Indeed it does! I've remembered one more :) (Clarus originally)

rsl designs's picture

The pretzel town one came out nice. Fit's the packaging superbly.

JunkfoodDesign's picture

It would be nice, if this asset would be downloadable for free (for the designers), so we could present our logos better.

admin's picture

Here you go:

JunkfoodDesign's picture

That's great! :)
I will present some of my logos on those stationarys here on Stocklogos (I will put directlinks to the image in the describtion) :)

Thank you.

admin's picture

As long as the image is small and you don't put the file on your server it's ok. We will have a built in option soon for this anyway.

CT's picture

Where is a good place to find free blank stationary stuff for logos?

Phunkmonster's picture

Well, stationery sizes varies from country to country. But if you're mainly doing US stuff just have a check for any online printing company that accepts artwork uploads and see if they have any downloadable templates to work from, most do. This will save you lots of time. Or simply do your own once you get the sizes nailed. Just remember to alocate for bleed, margins etc etc.

user-2770's picture

I have some print ready Ai template I could send you or anyone else? Mainly UK sizes though. Pretty simple to do, always make sure there is at least 3mm bleed, 300dpi, CMYK and normally a 3mm safe margin.

EscarabajoBuro's picture

There is a logo very similar to mine and I still have not sold! ):-(

admin's picture

What happened is I did the customisation for client, sent it as a small preview file and then he never bought the logo.

ryu's picture

nice.. how many logos are normally sold 'say per week?

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