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Logos of the Hong Kong Umbrella Movement Logo Competition

Chris Dickman Fri, 10/03/2014 - 11:06

All eyes are currently on the massive demonstrations that have brought Hong Kong to a virtual standstill in recent days, as a student-fuelled revolt against mainland China's intention to limit democratic elections continues to spread. One of the notable aspects of the demonstration has been the use of umbrellas to deflect the pepper gas being deployed against the crowds, leading to this being dubbed the "Umbrella Revolution."

Those sympathetic to the cause have begun creating graphical expressions of it, with many of these being posted on the Facebook page of Kacey Wong, an artist and assistant professor at the Polytechnic University in Hong Kong. Submissions become part of the Umbrella Movement Logo Competition, with the three prizes being "justice, democracy and freedom." Worthy prizes, indeed. Below are a few standouts from the submissions so far.

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