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A Life in Illustration: The Most Famous Illustrators and Their Work

Chris Dickman Wed, 08/21/2013 - 03:55

In the age of design thinking, in which the role of the designer has been extended to often include a broad, collaborative process, it should come as no surprise that the profession of illustrator has also evolved. Gestalten, the publisher of A Life in Illustration: The Most Famous Illustrators and Their Work, puts this nicely: "Today, illustrators write and create children's picture books and graphic novels; they structure information through infographics; they design logos, fonts, and other typographical applications; they contribute to the editorial design of newspapers and magazines; they apply their talents to advertising and fashion; and they develop and produce their own products on the basis of their creations."

The book thus consists of profiles of prominent illustrators, with them sharing insights into one of the more flexible professions within the graphic arts. For those pondering such a career, this would seem to provide valuable insights. A few examples are included below.

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