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iOS 7 basic icon set redesigned

admin Tue, 06/11/2013 - 23:51

Designer Leo Drapeau made an iteration to the iOS 7 icon set announced by Apple Yesterday. Less flat, cleaner and simpler icons. Do you like it?


msvereda's picture

Sorry for the language but I think it's crap. What was small was made big n what was big was made small. Also what was detailed got flattened and viseversa. No recognition deserved

frankkkko's picture

Sorry for the language but I think YOUR COMMENT is crap. That's all you could notice? The man refined the icons in a great manner, he unified the proportions and styles, and now they look professional, as opposed to the '90s clipart look they had.
I can't believe Ive did such an awful job on that icon set. it's like a bad dream.

gturbiani's picture

It's only visible by refined people.

ok, hide one and then the other one. You'll see a difference.
otherwise DON'T be a designer, please!

frankkkko's picture

yeap, it's A LOT better! those icons Apple presented are childish, really, they look so unprofessional.
congrats, Leo Drapeau.
i really hope Apple will consider revising / refining those eye-hurting shitty icons they showed us before the final version. especially Safari and Reminders, those are AWFUL, i can't even look at them!

gturbiani's picture

Beautifully made, very well balanced icons. Less is more, we agree.
The flower of the Photos could be a tiny bigger and Maps could get simpler, that's all i could say.
Reminders and Settings are beeeautiful, the same on the work on the gradients and colors.

Apple should hire you, Leo!
They need better designers obviously, their icons are all over the place, no unity, ugly colors.

mathiasverden's picture

OMG! The jailbreak community is going to have this on DAY 1!

ronyelbert's picture

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