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Introducing Shutterstock’s New Look

admin Mon, 05/07/2012 - 11:02

Here is what Shutterstock writes on their blog:

What you probably noticed first, after our dramatic color change, is something special going on with the “O” in Shutterstock. We call it the Viewfinder, and it’s there to allow us to showcase our vast, constantly updating collection of amazing images and videos. The Viewfinder symbolizes the artistic empowerment of Shutterstock customers and contributors to express their unique perspective – whether they’re behind the lens or in front of the screen.

Shutterstock is almost 9 years old and the one constant in our history is evolution and reinvention. We like to keep what makes us great and improve upon what doesn’t. Over the last year, we have been challenging ourselves with the tough, thought-provoking questions that a good branding exercise is all about. Who are we? What do we value? And what do we really want to communicate? In the end, we wanted a visual identity that reflects those beliefs.

At the core of our company values is the belief in the democratization of design. Over the last two decades, there has been a dramatic shift in how people and businesses value and approach creative work. Today the power of design and creativity is recognized and appreciated from boardrooms to classrooms. Shutterstock was born out of that revolution.

Our new visual identity is just the beginning of exciting new things from our team, and we sure hope you like it! If you want to read more about our process and insights, I’ve shared some highlights after the jump.

Still reading? Great! The team is thrilled with the new visual identity system we developed with help from our very talented friends at Lippincott, and we hope you are too! We think there’s a lot to like here – from the “O” as a “Viewfinder” that lets us put our contributors’ content up front; to our bold, two-color design. We fell in love with the modern typeface, the bold color, and our ability to activate the identity in an endless number of ways. This identity reboot is about the ideas, just as much as the visual aesthetic. Here are five lessons we learned and some of the challenges we tackled.

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