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iMemories Logo is Now More Memorable

Chris Dickman Sun, 08/10/2014 - 11:02

There's no shortage of cloud-based services for storing files. In fact, there are so many to choose from that branding is becoming increasingly important for such firms to convey their unique offer. Because without such an offer, they have little hope of succeeding in this crowded category.

Launched in January, the iMemories approach has been to provide a service for the preservation and sharing of family imagery via computer, smartphone and tablet, coupled with some simple tools for tuning photos and videos. So far nothing special. But what sets it apart is its focus on making it possible for customers to have their old analog photos, negatives and videos digitized and cleaned up before being added to their storage areas. Pretty savvy, when you think of how many old family photos and videos are lurking in our closets and attics.

Despite being such a new company, founder Mark Rukavina felt the brand identity wasn't on target and recently tapped Brand Experience agency Liquid Agency to brings things up to speed. The branding firm states that "It became clear very early in our discussions with iMemories that enabling people to store, view, and share their photos and videos was not the end game for the company. This represented the technical aspects of what iMemories offers its customers, but we knew that we needed to develop a story that had more emotional, values-driven content. As we evolved the brand’s strategic platform, we crafted a narrative that elevated the company’s purpose. The new brand story focused on iMemories passion for safeguarding people’s most meaningful life memories, and how those memories live in our hearts. This idea inspired the design of the new brand identity by combining the concept of an album with the shape of a heart."

The result is a much improved logo and a more sophisticated wordmark. Looks like it's time to dust off those old tapes.

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