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If NFL Team Logos Used Disney Characters

Chris Dickman Sat, 11/08/2014 - 11:42

We last took a look at the whimsical logo mashups of designer Mark Avery-Kenny back in June, with his series of NHL team logos based on Simpsons characters. Now he's back at it, this time with an NFL theme and the addition of Disney characters. As always, we have selected some favorites, with the complete collection available on Instagram.

New Orleans Jafar is no saint

Donald the Philadelphia Eagle

Maleficent Baltimore Ravens

Denver Timon & Pumbaas

Cleveland Browns Buzz

Tigger the Cincinnati Bengal

Saludos Amigos Jose Carioca the Arizona Cardinal

Buffalo Genies

Seattle Zazu Seahawks

There's a snake in my boot! Woody the Dallas Cowboy

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