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NancyCarterDesign Wed, 04/18/2012 - 00:33

Blame it on beauty magazines or maybe Snooki.
The economic recovery is still lukewarm, but for self-tanning manufacturers it's sizzling.

The makers of bronzing lotions and sprays are expected to see their sales grow a sweltering 18.1% this year alone, making it one of America's 10 fastest growing industries, a new report by IBISWorld found.

Granted, the industry is small, bringing in only $609 million in revenue this year and employing about 2,500 workers.

But given worries about skin cancer and tanning beds, IBISWorld expects to see more consumers turning to fake tans in place of the real thing. It forecasts self-tanning products will grow to become a billion-dollar industry within the next five years.

That's good news for Cincinnatti-based Kao Brands, which currently leads the industry in market share with its Jergens "natural glow" moisturizers.
Larger industries that are also experiencing rapid growth include green and sustainable building construction, generic pharmaceuticals and for-profit universities.

In the tech world, 3D printer sales are expected to surge 20.3% in 2012, and sales of games on social networking platforms -- like those developed by Zynga -- are expected to climb 20%.

Yoga studios and even hot sauce manufacturers also made the list.

The full list includes:
Generic pharmaceuticals
Solar panels
For-profit universities
Pilates and yoga studios
Self-tanning products
3D printers
Social networking games
Hot sauce
Green and sustainable construction
Online eyeglasses and contact lens sales


AKMulligan's picture

Thanks, Nancy! As a survivor of melanoma, I would never help a tanning salon make sales, but fake tanners are something I can get behind.

Cross the Lime's picture

Add Bubble Tea shops to that list; seems like *everyone* is opening one of those here in Germany. :)

artifolia's picture

Thanks for sharing Nancy, it´s good to know things like that!

AKMulligan's picture

Nail salons might be part of the list, too. There seems to be one on every other street corner.

Shanavas's picture

On the opposite side of the world, fairness products are on extreme growth. Good to be born beige so i have to use none :D

Designfever's picture

I agree with eco themed designs, and tanning products, in addition to that... as I've observed this month from other logo design competition sites; nail salons, restaurants, fitness and nutrition centers are the most common.

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