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The hand-lettered illustrations of Mary Kate McDevitt

Chris Dickman Thu, 11/21/2013 - 10:43

While illustration and graphic design will remain dominated by digital tools and production practices, there's an unmistakable revival of interest in analog creation and output techniques. Letterpress is all the rage, while tools as simple as pencil, chalk or pen and ink are once again finding their way into work created for global brands.

We recently looked at the hand-drawn retro lettering and illustration of Bruno Michaud. The focus today is on Brooklyn-based Mary Kate McDevitt, who is building a solid body of work that is finding favor from such clients as Oprah Magazine, Fast Company, Nintendo, Adobe and Sesame Street. It's worth mentioning that her prints are available on Etsy, a number of which would make great gifts for that coffee-loving significant other.

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