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Free fonts for designers

AKMulligan Tue, 02/07/2012 - 11:21

I got this link, thanks to being connected with Brands of the World on facebook:

...which also led to:

(Actually, they're only MOSTLY free.)

Any other links for good free fonts?


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thank you for this post. i was missing 6-7 fonts which i downloaded now :)

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I already have 9896 fonts (not counting the italics and bolds) and you have to post this.

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When I have downloaded new fonts, the first thing I do is run them through Font Renamer, which is free. Sometimes, I'll see something I think is new, but is just an old font with a new name. Then, I run Easy Duplicate Finder (also free) to weed out the dupes.

I keep the fonts in folders by style.

When I just want to browse and pick fonts to install for what I'm doing at the moment, I use Fast Font Preview (free) to scroll through, and select fonts.

If I'm looking for a particular font, I use MegaFont Manager, which I paid for (not a good program, I'm looking for another)

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@ Darla - the post is for those who havent.

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Some slightly more unusual type sites you may want to try:

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An absolute must have tool for me is: - I use this site to research type history if I need to be specific to a certain time period in my designs. There is a facility on there to research designers and publishers.

So for example, I'm doing a redesign for a pub in Blackpool at the moment. I've already researched the pub and it's listed in the 1841 census. So judging by the style of the building I can be sure that it was built just prior to this date, so turn of the 19th century or there abouts. My brief is to take the design backwards and make it more period to when it was built. Research has shown that Vincent Figgins was a type designer slap bang in the middle of this time period: - so by using his typefaces in my designs, I can at least be authentic to the period I'm trying to (re)create.

I've often felt that simple research like this goes a long way into selling a design. I see many logos on here that offer an idea, but is let down by poor type choices that don't support the designs. All of this work above took me about 30 minutes, and it will help sell the design to the client. Maybe it will help someone on here too :)

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This is really interesting. I love type. Somehow I would not have associated the slab serif (Egyptian) types with early 19thC, though. Found these examples of Figgins's work, or modern reproductions:

Some nice stuff there. And this from Wikipedia: "His most influential typeface was Mono-type Ionic, created in 1821, which became widely used for body text by the newspaper industry. It was the model for many twentieth century newspaper typefaces."

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Cool finds there, very interesting stuff :) I'm using Egizio and Ionic by Figgins for this job I'm doing.

A lot of typefaces we use everyday and see in logos are very old indeed. Sony use Clarendon which is from c1838 for instance! Bodoni, Caslon and Baskerville are all approaching 200+ years old. I think we tend to forget just how old the type industry really is.

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