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Favourite Canadian logos lovingly preserved

admin Mon, 02/24/2014 - 15:31

The Northern Army Preservation Society of Canada set out to collect, preserve and display all the recognizable classic logos of Canada.

Notice the frequent use of the colour red and the symbol of a maple leaf both present on the flag of Canada.

Here is what the creators of the project write about the collection:

This site is our contribution to the celebration and preservation of Canadian logo design.

Great design has become part of our landscape, and we believe that some of the world’s best is here in The North. Canadian designers have translated thousands of qualities across a hundred and fifty years into beautifully restrained, unforgettable icons that now make up our visual landscape.

We built upon the bold, no-bullshit European aesthetic and made it our own. Clean, tasteful design where it isn’t even required – the numbering on the sides of our trains; signs for national parks, our government letterhead. Even our wheat. Wheat doesn’t need good design does it? We did it anyway, because it’s part of our culture.

On this site, you’ll find our favourite Canadian logos, preserved in the moment in time we felt they were at their best. Some of them are no longer in use, or have been updated, for better or worse.

Check out some of the logos below and their website for the full collection.

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