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Embracing Blends: The TVA Logo Redesign

Chris Dickman Tue, 12/11/2012 - 13:20

Cirque du Soleil is famous for its wildly creative shows but it's less well known that the global coporation is based in Montreal, Quebec, in Canada. And even less well known is that Cirque is a co-owner of global brand experience firm Sid Lee, which also has its head office in Montreal. In an echo of Cirque, the firm states that, "Our mission as artisans and professionals is to help companies recognize and unleash the commercial potential of creativity."

Now let's move on to Groupe TVA, which until recently was using the old, tired logo below. TVA runs the most-watched French-language TV station in Canada and as such is also based in Montreal. So it should come as no surprise that when it was time to replace its logo, TVA turned to Sid Lee. As TVA president Pierre Dion puts it, "Why did we change our visual identity? To reflect the fact that TVA is always in search of new trends and has a history of setting the bar ever higher to transform television and provide new experiences for our viewers."

The new visual identity is certainly unusual in that it's composed of overlapping rounded rectangles filled with blends. While the use of blends in logos is currently popular, a logo that's nothing but blends remains rare. And then there's that dot on the A. At first glance the dot seems like too much, since it draws the eye relentlessly. But watch the clip below of the logo in use on the network and I think you'll find that the dot makes more sense when in motion and when it's used for adding a little sparkle at the end of animations.

Studying this logo made me reflect on the use of blends in logos, so I've added a few examples from the current StockLogos collection. You can click on them for more information.

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