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Disney to Deadmau5: No Ears for You!

Chris Dickman Thu, 09/04/2014 - 12:37

When you think of Mickey Mouse, what do visualize? The huge ears, of course. The silhouette of Mickey's head, along with Walt's signature, constitute the two fundamental building blocks of The Walt Disney Company's visual identity. So it's no surprise that for decades, legions of Disney lawyers have responded quickly and overwhelming to counter any possible infringement.

Now take Canadian DJ Deadmau5, who has been employing a massive, stylized mouse head during his performances for some years now. Apparently he has been able to trademark the iconic version of that in more than 30 countries but this intellectual property streak seems to now have been brought to an abrupt halt. According to TMZ, Disney's legal team has filed a hefty 171-page opposition to his 2013 attempt to trademark the logo in America.

While we're no fan of giant corporations unleashing their lawyers to crush the little guys, in this case you can see Disney's point, since Deadmau5 apparently plans to slap the mouse head logo on a wide range of merchandise, including electrical equipment, bicycles, paper and leather goods, sporting goods, toys, foods and beverages. So look forward to Deadmau5 backing down from his recent feisty rhetoric ("lawyer up mickey") and collapsing like a pack of cards.

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