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Digital Loan Service Embraces Eccentric Rebrand

Chris Dickman Fri, 12/16/2016 - 12:28

Been on a financial services site lately? If so, how did you find the branding and graphic identity of the firm? Pretty ho hum? Well, that's something you can't say for the new look of Swedish small business loan service Froda. The new name, which means "thrive," was dreamed up by Stockholm-based creative agency Snask and is certainly perkier than the previous generic name, Monetize. And of course it's Swedish, which makes sense, since Froda's site is entirely in that language — there doesn't seem to be any ambition to grow the service into English-language markets.

In any case, you have to like the freshness of Snask's approach, which was to create a system that employed a collection of colorful geometric 3D elements. These can be shuffled around and assembled in different configurations, from the logo through real-world objects that are employed in customer profiles. Add in a wacky typeface for the logo and the result is indeed "A brand that the big players couldn't copy or come close to."

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