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Design Boutique's Reimagined Pepsi Logo

Chris Dickman Sat, 12/15/2012 - 08:13

Based in Riyadh, Saudia Arabia, Design Boutique provides a range of graphic design and interior design services. Beyond its usual commercial work, the firm sometimes also engages in speculative projects in which it reimagines the look of famous brands. It did this recently for the Pepsi logo, the recent redesign of which it felt was too similar to the previous one. Design Boutique stated that "We think it's time for Pepsi to be brave and make a bolder redesign of their logo." They also came up with the phrase "don't stop," since "We wanted an inspirational and uplifting slogan. Focusing on all the good habits we do, habits that make us happy which we need to keep doing and never stop. Things like love, laughing, dreaming, playing sports, playing music — drinking Pepsi should be one of those habits that we don't stop."

As you can see below, Design Boutique came up with several examples of the proposed new logo in use. Going the 3D route is certainly something we're seeing a lot of right now. What about the typeface — is the aggressive sans serif a fit for the new logo? And beyond that, when's the last time you tried reimagining the look of a famous brand? It can be a great way to bring attention to your design and branding capabilities.

Source: Behance


Luca Giobbe's picture

what i do not like is the font. the icon is not so bad. but why pepsy is still using 3d effect when others are going for flat 2d ? fancy !!!

DRussell's picture

not impressed. It just gets worse with every update in my opinion.

Tony.h's picture

I think it looks nice but we are just reinventing the wheel with the Pepsi logo. This is a pac-man attempt at re-imagining it. I also agree with SPARKcreative regarding the font, especially the Pepsi Slim one that loses all ties with the logo identity. Nice try, but no.

Matt 23's picture

I think the thing that has always let the pepsi logo down is the symbol, what the hell is it supposed to mean/represent?!? they need to come up with something completely new and get well away from that circular symbol in my opinion.

carl2's picture

I did not like it the very second I laid eyes on it. The font certainly represents the area from which the design originated; however, it has zero appeal to me.

jfsteele's picture

I love this design. Pepsi's current design is incredibly weak, and this makes way more sense for the direction they are going. I would also actually be tempted to buy one with this logo. Good work.

sanksonline's picture

Design is really gr8...

Side by Side Creative's picture

The design just doesn't work on so many levels. The logo doesn't work on a coloured background, the E in Pepsi is horrific. The overly gradiented look is surely on its way out soon...
Yes it's better than the 2009 version, but that does not take much doing.

luisfernandogro's picture

The logo is really cool, with nice design but if the aim is to get the attention of the soft drink consumer, the logo have to be more simple rather than it is now.

Barbod's picture

Very nice font

metalmind's picture

The logo is good . Things i don't like is the font of the logo . Pepsi need typeface strongly and simply which can be regconized from afar .

metalmind's picture

i think letter "p" need to be a normal appearence like other pepsi logos .

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