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Check if your logo concept is overused

admin Wed, 07/23/2014 - 11:51

Giovanni Tondini posted a collection of overused generic logos often found in contests.


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I remember someone sometime said somewhere on this forum something along these lines: "If it sells well, we'll continue making it, cliche or not". I believe it was in the logo cliches thread.

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If you are referring to Phunkmonster, that's not exactly what he said; he was just point out that clichés do sell, but he never actually said that he (or we) will continue to create clichés. See:

After that thread from February 2013, we updated our rules and guidelines to list specific clichés to avoid, several of which are displayed above in this new thread.

Everyday we reject cliché logos, sometimes even from auto-approval users.


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Well lets just all skip our eyes over the tree trunk people category :)

Cause those puppies sell like icecream on a hot beach, and we'd all be guilty!

That said its a good reminder to make your tree people as darn interesting and unique as possible.

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Interesting, this list, however, almost every week I see logos of trees being sold here for several designers with automatic approval. And I doubt that much will stop making logos so. lol

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The "most sold" logos are cliches...
Nice thing to have is active designers that, usually, run from cliches ;)

I am sorry if some of my own are cliches too, but sometimes, client guidelines, force us to design it. I always say that the most important service a designer may provide to a costumer is the guidance on branding and communication. However, in CSourcing and particularly in contests, we can try to do it, but most of the times, after we say to client that what they think they need is wrong, they usually get a "weak" proposal from other designer that is doing exactly what client is asking to do - the wrong project... The ideal from most of CSourcers is to sell and not to build a good image for a client, and that creates a clash between what we do in CSourcing and what you have learned with our expertise and training.

I speak for myself, but some of the contests where I have participated, I usually get frustrated with the client option. No because I don't win, but because I am perfectly capable to understand that "sometimes" the chosen proposal, isn't a good design...

Bottom line, client should be more trained in the branding area if he's representing a business. Not saying that he should be capable to know about branding / communication design but he would be informed about how this works... All clients should know that a good logo isn't a logo that client will love but a logo that their clients should be engaged to!
When someone goes to a mechanic to get his car working, you do not chose what components the professional will use and u trust them to get the work done. With design the feeling should be the same with a emotional side OFC...

Keep up the submissions ppl and keep up the tight approval SL. I believe all that is really needed to get away from some amateur work and to give clients better options to chose!

Peace ;)

(Sorry my bad EN)

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Good post, Admin!

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Tell me, please, why does the list of clichés even exist? What is the use of it anyway? Not that you rejected clichés at all, because otherwise how was this possible:

All this is from only ONE designer, and five out of nine were sold. It does look that all your discourse about clichés is nothing but hypocrisy. Also, the comments from designers above clearly indicate that, as I said, the general mood here is "if it sells well, I will continue making it".

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Most of the logos you pointed out were created before the creation of this thread. We have now rejected them.

For future reference, you can report a logo by using the "flag" button on the logo page itself.

Thank you,


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