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A Celebration of the Design of 25 Great Brands

Chris Dickman Tue, 01/03/2012 - 05:32

Branded packaging firm jkr recently collected together 25 profiles of brands and the designs behind them, which had been published throughout the year in Marketing. They're now available as the free Champions of Design, which can be read online or downloaded in PDF format. While devoted to design, the publication also features the people behind the work—the "champions"—with the 25 profiles embodying jkr's beliefs:

  • Design is not separate from the product, it is part of it. It should emerge
    so naturally from the brand that it feels and sounds right, like the voice of
    a friend. If design is simply bolted on or used as wrapping paper, the cracks
    will show and the product inside won’t last very long.
  • People will pay a little more for something they want and a lot more for
    something they want very much. (Think of the last thing you wanted
    desperately and ask yourself what part its design played in its attraction.)
  • As each of our champions illustrates, design pays for itself many times over.
    Few other investments show such a great return. Of course we would say
    this, you might be thinking, but over 21 years as a design agency we have
    found it to be true.

Below are some of our favorites, with the full publication available on the jkr site.

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