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Button Button's Daring Brands

Chris Dickman Thu, 01/17/2013 - 11:15

Do brands need to be more daring? That's what I was told recently when I contacted Button Button to tell me more about its series of illustrations based on popular brands. The idea behind the series was to create anagrams from the names of well-known brands and use them as the basis for illustrations. I've shown 10 from this series below, with Button Button telling me that "the main goal was to show that changing perspective sometimes reveals new things… and we would like brands be more daring!" BB also created another series at the same time, with in this case the anagrams being based on the names of those managing the brands — I've also included 10 from that series. The firm then printed the illustrations as posters and sent the related one to each brand manager, along with a leaflet showing all 50 of these. Why? The "main goal was to tease and generate curiosity" and apparently the response was positive, showing once again the importance of self-promotion.

So what is Button Button? Frankly, after several email exchanges I still don't know. It seems to be based in France but ducked some of my questions, stating simply that "we are an independent salientific creation group" — in which the neologism salientific is a mashup of salient and scientific. A bit of a mystery but the images are fresh and should make you start thinking about what initiative you can take to trigger interest in your own design services this year. You can see the entire collection on the Button Button Pinterest page.


Yves Saint Laurent





Chivas Regal


Malibu coconut (mouton is the French word for sheep)

Heineken Lager Beer

A Blue Ink Stairs

Dairies Lovers

I Claim More Hell

You Grab Axe Girl

Ninja Is Hungered

Non Regular Beret

Invent Cyan C Ink

Mafia's Ark

Fine Art Fusion

Beef Rain

Alien Covering

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