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Business cards of ten famous people

admin Mon, 09/05/2011 - 20:33

Bill Gates, Microsoft

Dr. Eric Schmidt, Google

Steve Wozniak, Apple founder

Barack Obama, former USA Senator

Larry Page, Google

Devon Spurgeon, Office of Warren Buffett

Steven Jobs, Apple

Jerry Yang, Yahoo!

Donald J. Trump

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook

Check out Mark's current stationery here.


Just Me's picture

The only good card is Donald Trump's card. All other cards are in the best case "almost cute".

eye d's picture

So to do what they do, we never hear about them!

neradi's picture

Just wonderful.

Moonlight's picture

So Interesting :)

JunkfoodDesign's picture

o0 but I think the designs are old.. can't imagine that Apple is using that font for it's CEO's businesscard

fixer00's picture

All cards are SO rubbish and retard-looking. I think that they are very old versions (8—10 Y.O. or even older). It'll be nice to have some dates of printing / getting of this. For historical purposes only. Anyway, thanks for sharing :)

Jacobs's picture

Trump's card is really the only decent card.
Is it possible success doesn't come from a great business card?
That just cannot be true.

sanskruti's picture

it could be helpful for newcomers.

Mass01's picture

Most do look a little old.
Like the Devon Spurgeon telephone bit - you don't call me ...
I wonder if she has an auto responder on her email ...

user-2770's picture

These are all the old business cards they used to use, I've seen different and newer ones of those. Interesting though!

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