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The Budapest 2024 Olympics Bid Logo Frees the Rings

Chris Dickman Mon, 04/18/2016 - 03:13

As you probably know, cities vying for the right to host the Olympics must meet a wide range of criteria, including the development of a graphical program that includes a logo. There are four cities in the running for the 2024 Olympics: Los Angeles, Paris, Rome and Budapest. The first three of these revealed their logos earlier, as shown below. All three follow the familiar formula of referencing the host city in some way: Paris via the Eiffel Tower (with extra points for incorporating the number 24 and the Olympic colors), Rome going for its Forum rendered in the colors of the Italian flag, and Los Angeles employing a hybrid/athlete angel figure bathed in psychedelic sunlight.

Last week it was the turn for Budapest to finally present its logo, shown above. It's the work of local agency Graphasel, which emerged as the victor after several rounds of an open competition. At first glance reminiscent of an explosion of colorful confetti, in fact it not only echoes several aspects of the host city but is based on an interesting use of bits and pieces of the Olympic rings.

The brief apparently tasked entrants with incorporating the element of water, in reference to the river Danube that divides the city. Other requirements included vitality, Hungarian creativity, and building and cityscape representations. It certainly seems peppy and creative enough, and the black stylized figure at the center is not only vaguely sporty but a reference to local landmark Szabads√°g Szobor (Statue of Liberty) shown at right. It's all good but the flexibility of the modular system built around the deconstructed rings, set free from their interlinking, is without a doubt the highlight.

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