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Brand Your YouTube Videos with Your Logo

Chris Dickman Wed, 10/10/2012 - 09:50

A logo's value is to a certain extent dictated by the number of contexts in which it can be used: in color or black-and-white; shrunk down to a pinhead or enlarged to billboard size; in print or online; and emblazoned on everything from mugs to T-Shirts... well, you get the idea. Now, thanks to YouTube, there is yet another use to which businesses can put their logo — embedding it within their videos.

It's now possible to insert an image into the corner of all the hosted YouTube videos within a channel, simultaneously, thanks to a new feature called InVideo Programming. Given that many businesses employ YouTube to host their promotional or informational videos, adding a corporate logo is a natural for giving these a more professional appearance and creating visual continuity between all the videos.

Adding a logo (which YouTube refers to as an "avatar") is as simple as clicking on your username, choosing Settings from the menu and clicking on InVideo Programming. At this point you choose Feature your Channel to add a logo or Feature a Video to embed one of your videos. Upload a logo (an 800 by 800 PNG with transparent background seems to do the trick), then pick which corner you want the logo to display in, decide if you want the logo displayed throughout the videos or only for a defined time, and you're done. It's worth mentioning that you can display both a logo and another video, so it would be possible to display a logo in one corner throughout the clip but have the other video show up in another corner a few seconds before the clip ends, a great way to encourage engagement. Expect to see both options widely used.

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