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Better Homes and Gardens Logo Radiates Typographic Class

Chris Dickman Tue, 12/13/2016 - 11:25

Better Homes and Gardens magazine was founded in 1922 by Edwin Meredith, a former United States Secretary of Agriculture, which perhaps explains the "gardens" in the title. But these days few of us mess about in gardens and the publication accordingly concentrates on what's inside the home of its readers, of which there are are 40 million. So in case you were wondering, print is most certainly not dead. The monthly magazine's editorial focus "fuels our readers' passions to live a more colorful life through stunning visuals, a balance of substance and surface, and a blend of expert and reader ideas."

All very nice but the current logo, in use since 1965 (!), was understandably thought to have paid for itself and brand identity shop Lippincott was brought in to move things forward. Typically these days a serif face is replaced by a banal sans serif but let the bells ring and the banners fly, in this case the opposite approach was adopted. As shown above, the refresh is an exceptionally elegant one, which adds a wonderful ampersand to a classy custom typeface that's lighter and is better balanced, while being blessed with exquisite kerning. Hats off to those responsible for an increasingly rare devotion to excellent typography.

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