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Best Practices for Finding Freelance Design Clients

Chris Dickman Tue, 02/18/2014 - 10:10

Is this the golden age for freelance designers, given that there are a zillion online marketplaces where they can make their services available to a global marketplace? Andrew Cunning, who has an 18-year track record as a designer, would say yes... but. The qualificatiion lies in how easy it is for designers to place an emphasis on price and subsequently shoot themselves in the foot by not marketing their services on the basis of quality.

Andrew recently collected his suggestions for how to succeed as a freelance designer and made them available as the Freelance Forumula video course. In promoting that he created the infographic below, 7 Alternative Ways to Hunt for Freelance Clients. Because we can't have too many of them, can we? Andrew's infographic provides some postive suggestions for breaking through the noise of the increasingly fragmented online freelance job market.

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