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The 2016 Red Dot Communication Design Awards

Chris Dickman Wed, 03/02/2016 - 12:21

There is no shortage of design awards but Red Dot is not only one of the oldest but also one of the largest and most respected. The 2015 juried competition received more than 17,000 applications from participants in 70 countries, competing in Product Design, Design Concept and Communication Design, the latter of which is the focus here. Entries are currently being accepted in 21 categories for the 2016 Red Dot Award: Communication Design competition.

As well as prizes for individual winners, agencies can also snag the Red Dot: Agency of the Year, while companies with the strongest communication campaigns are up for taking home the Red Dot: Brand of the Year. Also of note is the Red Dot: Junior Prize, awarded to the most outstanding work of a junior designer, which comes with a check for 10,000 euros. Work can be entered until June 10, 2016, with more information available on the Red Dot site, as well as galleries of past winners. Below you'll find a selection from last year's competition.

Rewts Tea Bar - Brand Identity | Client: Rewts Tea Bar, Los Angeles | Design: Tiana Chun-Hui Lin, Los Angeles | Text: Tony Wei-Ta Peng
In this project, a brand identity has been developed that redefines the experience of tea in a bar-like setting. To visualise the brand, the logo focuses on the initials “R” and “T” as a motif for “Rewts” and “Tea”, with the “T” doubling as the “Bar”.

Book Monster - Brand Identity | Client:, California | Design: Design Park Communications, Seoul | Creative Direction: Young Chae | Graphic Design: Yoonjung Ahn, Jinsuh Chung
Book Monster is a buy-and-sell service for used books, CDs and DVDs that operates both online through a website and offline in real bricks-and-mortar store.

Simply Juice - Brand Identity | Client: Shinsegae Department Stores, Seoul | Design: Plus X, Seoul - Shinsegae Department Stores Design Division, Seoul | Design Team: Myungsup Shin, Taesu Im, Jiyoung Yoon, Hyojin Lee, Minkyung Kim, Plus X, Heekyung Chun, Nayoung Choi, Jahyun Kim, Shinsegae Department Stores Design Division
Simply Juice is a premium juice brand developed by Shinsegae, one of the oldest department stores in Korea. The main graphic motif of the logo are brackets depicting an insinuated fruit box to suggest various raw materials contained in the juices.

WINNER Debut Album “2014 S/S” Branding - Brand Concept | Client: YG Entertainment, Seoul | Design: Design Lab YG Entertainment, Seoul | Creative Direction: SJ S | Art Direction: Hae Young Kim | Graphic Design: Yae Jee Chang, Ji Yeon Kim, Soo Jeong Lee | Motion Design: Isaac Hong, Semin Lee
The brand concept design to promote the debut album of the Korean pop band WINNER was stylistically inspired by high-end fashion labels. The CD cover as well as the booklet were designed to emulate a tabloid.

Imagine Your Korean Food - Brand Concept | Client: Korea Tourism Organization, Wonju City, Gangwon Province | Design: Interbrand, Seoul | Graphic Design: Uzin Hwang, Kyunghwan Lee, Eunah Kim, Miyoung Kim, Hyunsoo Lee, Dain Yoo
The concept book “Imagine Your Korean Food” lends itself as a kind of tool kit for tourists travelling to Korea, inviting them to emotionally and sensually experience the country and its specific dishes, as well as the cultural values and spirit behind them.

Cheburashkini Brothers - Brand Identity | Client: Cheburashkini Brothers, Moscow | Design: Ermolaev Bureau, Moscow | Creative Direction: Vlad Ermolaev | Graphic Design | Vlad Ermolaev, Vika Nursalimova | Motion Design / Project Management: Victoria Ermolaeva
The Cheburashkini Brothers’ farm is a family-run modern dairy business, restored from four old farms, in an ecologically clean area of Moscow. Its brand identity is based on a typography that uses the first letters of the products as the central design element contrasted prominently against a white label.

Reflect - Key Visual | Client: DJ Sarhi, Dubai | Design: Ice9 Interactive, Dhaka | Technical Direction: Afeef Zaman | Programming: Fahim Ahmed | Creative Direction: Shafiq Alam | Account Management: Niaz Murshed | Graphic Design: Musavvir Ahmed, Raiyan Momen
The project pursued was how to make sound serve as source material for a visual identity. To realise this vision, the Vibe (Visual Beats) Generator was developed to create the design elements to launch DJ Sarhi’s new album “Reflect”.

Montblanc - Logo | Client: Montblanc, Hamburg | Design: GREY/KW43 BRANDDESIGN, Düsseldorf | Creative Direction: Rüdiger Goetz, Jürgen Adolph | Art Direction: Marc Schäde | Account Management: Michael Rewald, Claudine Bosshammer
The writing instruments, watches, jewellery and leather goods of German manufacturer Montblanc are recognised worldwide through their emblem, which represents the snow-covered peak of the Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Western Europe. The new interpretation of the logo improves the readability and cross-medial applicability of the word and figurative mark. The geometric character of the logo type, whose original form stems from the 1920s, has been sharpened and the image element geometrically corrected and optimised for small reproductions.

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